Below is a summary of the costs incurred during the preparation of the NDP. After two initial public meetings in May 2015 the Steering Group met formally a total of 30 times during July 2015 and May 2018, in addition to many informal meetings, usually at the homes of various group members. Steering Group members attended a number of workshops and ad hoc meetings with Cornwall Council planning officers in Polperro, Bodmin and Truro. Details of the consultation process are presented under the ‘events’ and ‘plan’ tabs of this website.

The principal source of funds was ‘Locality’ whose grants covered £4,336.06; the Steering Group provided an additional £109.99 and our Cornwall Councillor Edwina Hannaford provided £62.39 from her Community Chest fund which was used to buy one of the display boards.

Printing Professional printing costs e.g. questionnaires £1871.42
Venue Hire Community consultation events £150.00
Refreshments Public meetings, events and team meetings £277.96
Stationery Envelopes, paper, printer cartridges £444.71
Licences Website domain, postcode files £396.08
Calls Dedicated mobile phone & call charges £50.39
Travel Expenses Petrol, parking – mainly meetings with Cornwall Council and training courses £280.90
Training Cornwall Council landscape character assessment training (subsequently not required) and CRCC draft NDP independent consultant review £660.00
Draw Prizes 3 x £50 random draw for those returning questionnaires. £150.00
Postage Stamps and cost of freepost replies for questionnaires. £155.60
Display Boards 2 boards – both being given to the community £72.38
TOTAL £4509.44