After more than three years of surveys, discussions and consultations the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Polperro & Lansallos Parish has been signed off by Cornwall Council and a date has been set for a local referendum on Thursday 24 January 2019.

If approved at referendum the NDP will provide important additional, systematically-prepared guidance for the community, for councillors and for the higher planning authorities concerning future developments in Polperro and Lansallos Parish.

Neighbourhood Development Plan;

Consultation Statement, a comprehensive summary of meetings, surveys and other NDP preparation activities from 2015;

Basic Conditions Statement, explaining how the NDP meets the basic requirements for all NDPs;

Submission map, a map of Lansallos Parish, the area covered by the NDP;

Composite Proposals map, a map of proposals included in the NDP;

The NDP is supported by the evidence base – a portfolio of information, documents and photographs that provide a picture of the existing state of Lansallos Parish and describe the surveys and consultations held throughout the NDP process, demonstrating that the policies in the NDP genuinely represent the views of the community.

The NDP has been reviewed by various departments of Cornwall Council and other statutory bodies, and by an independent Examiner appointed by Cornwall Council who is satisfied that the NDP may be put to a referendum in which all registered electors within Lansallos Parish will have an opportunity to accept or reject the NDP by a simple majority of those who turn out to vote. Once accepted, the NDP becomes a ‘material consideration’ for all subsequent planning applications and decisions within Lansallos Parish.