On this website references to Polperro mean the totality of the Lansallos Parish, the area of responsibility of Polperro Community Council. When referring to the villages the names Lansallos Village and Polperro Village will be used.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Polperro

Polperro Community Council is formulating a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for our parish which will give us more say in how our community develops in future.  The
creation of this plan will be a major undertaking which will require active support from the Community as a whole.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Following the Localism Act of 2011 the planning system is changing in ways that will affect all communities, including Polperro. Within a broad policy framework for the county
as a whole as set out in the Local Plan for Cornwall, communities are now legally empowered to set their own goals and priorities in the form of Neighbourhood

Development Plans or their junior partners Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDOs).
These plans will then be used to shape the future of the community. The scope of NDPs vary depending on local needs and ambitions, but typically they may include for example:

  • setting strategic development goals for the community
  • identifying any particular development projects that the community wants
  • choosing where you want new homes, shops and offices to be built
  • having your say on what new buildings should look like and what changes should be allowed for existing buildings
  • acquiring and managing assets for the community, such as public toilets and income-earning assets
  • granting planning permission for the new buildings that you want to see go ahead.

Once a Neighbourhood Development Plan is in place, Cornwall Council’s planning officers will be legally required to take all aspects of the Plan into account when they
determine whether a planning application is approved or refused. This legal requirement distinguishes the NDP from previous plans that have been drawn up for the parish.
Moreover, by having a plan in place the community will be in a better position to secure funding and bring forward projects that will make a difference to local people.
However there are strictly enforced procedures for drawing up an NDP and getting it officially adopted. Most importantly, a plan will only be considered for adoption if it has
resulted from a fully open and quite lengthy consultation within the community; and a legally binding referendum will be needed to complete the process. Officers from
Cornwall Council are available to provide guidance and assistance, but most of work would have to be done by local residents.

Based on the experience of other parishes that have already embarked on this process, we would expect to need a steering group of 6-12 people, including several who are not
members of the Community Council. Their principal tasks would be to identify, discuss, refine and record the goals and aspirations of the wider community, through a series of
surveys and consultative events, and eventually to draft the Plan. These steps would take place over a period of at least 12-18 months.

Further information may be found in the “Introduction to neighbourhood planning” section of the Cornwall Council website: http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/

To get involved email ndp@polperro.community or phone 07962 441957